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I am here to help people to

Live! Thrive! and Give!

I do that by providing people with the skills and knowledge that will provide them with proven steps leading to financial hope and freedom for themselves and their families.

This business is all about you!

That’s why I didn’t put my name first.

You’re on this page, though, because you want to know something about me.

Well, I’m a financial coach. What that means is I’m the person who can sit down with you and help you sort through your current financial picture. For some that means going back to the beginning and helping someone get started with basic budgeting. I assist you in figuring out if you have the right kinds and amounts of insurance.  At other times, I show you how to contact and speak with creditors, or how to avoid bankruptcy. But the work I do with you is not just about problem areas! I’m here to help you formulate goals, to guide you as you share your dreams so that they may become realities.

My name is Larry Duffany, and I am a Ramsey Preferred Coach (financial coach). I am a career educator, and that is what this business is really all about – teaching, coaching, sharing, showing, and cheering my clients on to financial freedom. It isn’t just about getting you out of debt so you can live – which can be where we start. It’s about getting you to a point where you are thriving – that things are blossoming for you…so much so that you are free to live and give like never before.

In a confidential format we will look at your financial picture. We’ll talk about your hopes and dreams. Together we’ll identify the obstacles to those dreams and chart a course over, under, around, or through them. If you’re already on your way, we’ll celebrate your successes and build on them as we look at how to accelerate the process, to pay off your home, fund college, save for retirement and so much more. I am not a financial “advisor.” So, I will not be selling you any investments or insurance. We will look at what you have in those areas, and sometimes make referrals to professional advisors who can help you for those specific needs. In those cases, I will try to match you with an Endorsed Local Provider who has the heart of a teacher like me, who will provide you with what you need, and not one who is strictly worried about the commission he or she will earn.


I pray that God bless you in all that you do and that you may find financial hope and freedom so that you may Live! Thrive! Give!

Larry Duffany, Financial Coach




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